Anaconda is freely and graphical user interface which is widely used by professional. It’s an open source framework of R programming and python for Machine Learning and Data Science.

Installation of Anaconda Distribution:
Step 1: Link to download the Anaconda distribution File: you will get the Anaconda distribution
Step 2: There you will see the python 3.6 version and python 2.7 versions. Choose anyone, but we recommend downloading the latest one.
Step 3: Then go to your file (where it is downloaded) and install the same. The installation process is very simple with few clicks.
Step 4: After successfully installing click on the Anaconda Navigator. It will take some time to open as it contains all base files. Here you can see other tools also like Notebook, Jupyter, IP[Y], Spyder, Orange likewise. From here you can choose your desired tool to work. With these tools, some basic packages are already installed like Numpy, Pandas, Stats model. But in python, so many important packages are available which is used in Machine Learning or Artificial intelligence. What if your desire packages are not available? Then you have to install that package individually.

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Installation of Python Packages for Data Science/Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence?
Steps 1: Go to Environments
Step 2: Click on Base(root)
Step3: Select “All” and then search your package in the search bar and click the same. It will install your package.
Step 4: Come to your code (in your tool) and type Syntax Import package-name as standard nameImport pandas as pd, Import numpy as np, and Import matplotlib.pyplot as plot Hope this blog has given important insight for you to work in Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.