ABC Logistic company has a huge clientele. The charges are levied on basis of factors-

1) Size of parcel

2) Weight of parcel and

3) Distance between Source and destination.

Company and client have order ID in common for verification. There are possibilities of disputed orders. Challenge was to improve the billing process.

Students Solution:

Disputed orders were filtered for further discussion and data from both sides was reconciled. Students used Reconciliation on Python by creating 3 output files.

Output 1:

1) Order ID
2) ABC internal ID
3) dimentions/item/ABC
4) dimentions/item/Client
5) weight/item/ABC
6) weight/item/Client
7) distance/item/ABC
8) distance/item/Client
9) Rates/ABC

Output 2:

Filtered undisputed order
Total number of orders
total amount

Output 3:

Filtered disputed orders
Total number of orders
Total difference amount

The above steps have ensured Turn around Time was reduced. Data were further analyzed to identify and reduce disputed orders.

This is how students are given real-world data problems to work on using Python. We also encourage our students to come up with their problem statement if any.