jobs in embedded systems in muumbai

Getting a job in Embedded System requires certain qualifications and skills. If you acquire those skills before your interview, you can comfortably switch to Embedded System jobs. We’ll see the required Embedded skills one by one below:

Top Skills required to get a job in Embedded system:

1. Embedded C Programming:

This is one of the top programming languages you should know if you want to make a career in Embedded systems in Mumbai. You should know the fundamentals of Arrays, strings, storage, classes, Operators, and variables in Embedded C. Note here; C programming is different from Embedded C. 

If you just prepare the theoretical part of Embedded C, it is not sufficient. One should prepare himself/herself more for Embedded C projects. Like you should be able to write clean code and be able to see desired output.

2. Python Programming:

Python is the hottest language today. This language has many applications in IT. Similarly, it is used in IoT (Internet of Things) in the Electronics industry. Today IoT and related start-up are very much in demand. Thus Python language among electronics engineers is getting popular.

Moreover, if you are from an Engineering background (Any Stream) you will face python language once in a lifetime.

3. Microcontrollers:

Core embedded projects are developed using Microcontrollers like AVR, ARM, STM, Raspberry PI, and Arduino. Thus you should be having good knowledge of how to handle those microcontrollers independently.

4. Protocols: 

I2C, CAN, SPI are some of the common protocols used by Embedded Engineers. It is used for the purpose of communication among devices. This is one of the most frequently asked questions in Embedded System Interviews.

5. Hardware Design:

Any Electronics projects have Software and Hardware part. The above skills will ensure you have a good understanding of the Software part of the project. 

However, you should have PCB software knowledge to start your project. This is the backbone. 

6. Digital Electronics:

Many companies still check the fundamental knowledge of the candidate through aptitude tests. Technical rounds also 20-30% questions from Digital Electronics. Many students are not able to clear the interview as they ignore this part.


Hope you have a clear idea now. Start working on your knowledge and skills. Give yourself a dedicated 3-4 months. After that one can start appearing for interviews.

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