Data Science Projects

Crop Prediction Model

Machine Learning based project developed by Miss. Aishwarya at LIVEWIRE. There are many factors which influence the yield of crop like rainfall, temperature humidity, soil, etc.
Here, she created the crop prediction model which will basically help the farmer for selecting the proper crop for cultivation to maximize their earnings.

Color Detection Model

Machine Learning based project developed by Mr. Rohit Jadhav at LIVEWIRE. Here, he created a Color detection model, through which we automatically get the name of the color by clicking on them. He used the data which contain color name and its values.


Projects by our students

Web Development Projects

Bhatkanti - Tours & Travels

Django based project developed by Mst. Shashank Karade at LIVEWIRE. He has used different models like Home, About Us, Offers, Login/Register. This website could help users know about the travels visiting the different location. Offers that can be made avail to the user only after registration.


Django based project developed by Miss. Pratiksha Dolas at LIVEWIRE. As Django is a python based web framework used for making website, here at livewire student was able to hold a grasp over the new technology by creating her own website named BOOKSTORES24. She has used various sections pertaining referencing to the ecommerce book website.

Embedded System Projects

Object Detection Using Arduino

IOT based project developed by Mr. Gurpreet Baweja. If Object comes in front of IR Sensor signal is send to Arduino and Red LED will blink which is connected with Arduino. If object removed which is in front of IR Sensor LED will turned off.

Home Automation Using Node MCU

Home automation IOT project developed by Mr. Tejash Sakaria using Node MCU. Bulb and relay is connected to NODE MCU which is connected to home WiFi. Bulb is controlled by sending data via phone to Node MCU.

Python Projects

Music Player Using Python

Python Based Project developed by MR. Mehul Modha at Livewire. Using Tkinter library which has play, pause, next, previous button and List Box where list of songs is displayed.

Food Management System

Python based project Developed by Reshmi Nair at Livewire. GUI is created using Tkinter GUI Library. Several food options will be displayed user can select food according his/her choice and pay the price. All the data is stored in MySQL Database. Database connectivity with Python has been done.

Artificial Intelligence Projects

Driver Drowsiness Detection

Artificial Intelligence based project developed by Mst. Sagar Thakur at LIVEWIRE .Here , he has used the opencv concept for gathering the images from webcam and feed them into a Deep Learning model which will classify whether the person’s eyes are ‘Open’ or ‘Closed’ also added the Sound for Alter through this they will detect the drowsiness

Personal Voice Assistant

AI based project developed by Mst. Harshal Thakur at LIVEWIRE. Here the student has created a model which will assist you to perform your day-to day work like texting your friend, surfing on google, opening YouTube and playing a video on it, etc. he personal assistant of yours can even help you sending a mail.

Hear From Our Students

Check what our alumni say about their experience learning with us!

Herambh Bhosale
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I have completed my Python course from Livewire Andheri from Satyawani Mam and Rohit Sir. It was a good experience, the instructors are skilled and are supportive and helpful.
Akshay Verma
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Just completed the online course on Machine learning using python. Covered all the basic topics and the instructor was very knowledgeable. Will take the AI course in the near future too.
Bhavesh Agre
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Very Good training for Web Development, Full stack Development and Angular JS.
Shaikh Noorain Zuber
Read More
I have successfully completed tha machine learning and Artificial intelligence course. Instructor sataywani maam has very good lnowledge of subject.
Swapnil Wagh
Read More
I had completed Tableau, Data Science using Python and sql training from Livewire. Very much trusted people and centre head. Neelam mam taught us Data Science using Python and Tableau, it was best teaching experiece for me. Manisha mam used to teach Python programming which made our basics in place. Practical sessions, assignments, and project given were helpful for me. I am able to do my college project independtly now. Thank you team Livewire.
Luv Khati
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My Experience was amazing. Teaching skills are too good whatever doubts i faced it was cleared also my total concepts was made very smooth. i just loved the way she used to give various examples and made my course fully informative. i had took the course of python program from this center. Its really worthy and ill be surely approaching towards many other courses in Livewire.
Zainab Ul
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I have completed my MATLAB course online under observation of MANISHA mam. Her way of interaction is awesome and helped me out of all the quires i had during the course. I learned alot from her. I will THANK her and live wire India for this unexpectedly amazing online course.
Rakesh Shah
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I completed Python course with livewire... the course structure is perfectly design for the learner like me ... started from the basics and slowly slowly move towards the functions, data structure, file handling , oops, tkinter.. instructure was also very good and having deep understanding about the each and every concepts. i developed many programs during the course and gain competence in python programming. thanks for your wonderful course content and teaching .... the app and course material and assignments , i am using is also very good and help me a lot to understand and practice the subject after class.
Bhavesh Agre
Read More
Very Good training for Web Development, Full stack Development and Angular JS.
Loganathan Appu
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I just joined Embedded Linux course ( Live wire, Andheri , Mumbai) , but Livewire course syllabus and teaching way and doubt section made me felt better then other centre( c, c++ ). So I joined Core python also ...They gave case studies and final project also. That made me more stronger.Syllabus is in industrial level .... “Doing course in right place is good and it’s save our time” Planning for next course AI
Mihir Salian
Read More
I completed my Python,Django,Data Science using Python and Artificial Intelligence with Livewires. It was a great learning experience and the staff here is really friendly. All the concepts were explained in the most simplest manner along with examples which made it easier for me. A whole hearted THANK YOU! to the entire livewires team!
Jay Jambhale
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Prathmesh Bhosale
Read More
We successfully completed all the tasks.It was a nice experience well maintained staff faculty. Shweta mam was so good . I like the way she taught us. Nice place so we get a proper certificate of 6weeks for completing the internship training in Python programming.
Adiya Talegaonkar
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I have completed python programming very well from this Institute with proper basic knowledge of programming
Onkar Hiremath
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I have done a course on Embedded Systems. It was amazing to doing course at here. Please visit once at this institute , all faculties are very good at here. Even you'll get any doubt , you'll get clear here.
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I did the Data Science in R programming course. Wonderful teachers and spent good amount of time on the course. You get alot of assignments as well so you practise alot.
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It was very great experience to studying under shweta raorane mam. she taught us in much easier way. Thanks to Live Tech for better Python Programming Course.
Pankaj Azad
Read More
The Overall Experience of learning python in Livewire was good. Course completed on time with hands on training and good training faculty..
Anjali Sharma
Read More
Excellent teaching by instructor Satyawani Mam.. a lot of help in understanding minutest of details and solving innumerable doubts.A very positive approach towards us by the instructor regarding queries doubts etc.Was a great experience there!
Saurabh Nair
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I underwent a course on MATLAB at this Institute under the guidance of Ruthra Ma'am. It was indeed a good experience since the ambience out here was amazing to learn something new and the teaching by the trainer was well structured and easily understandable. All in all it was an amazing experience.
Jan Thomas
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It was a great learning experience. I had enrolled for C++ and Java taught by Ms. Satyawani were very flexible. Ms. Satyawani was also very approachable. She gave a lot of assignments to ensure that I had a thorough knowledge of programming..
Omkar Chavan
Read More
i have done the course on basic microcontroller in live wire with the help of ruthra mam .She is good,knowledgeable person and most honest person.She will clear all doubts.I learn more about electronics and we use to have workshop every weekend so that makes more knowledge about electronics.
Madhur Darekar
Read More
.I have undergone training of Python from Livewire Andheri. They are able to trained me very well even when i was having no prior coding knowledge. Best syllabus and best training methodology. Livewire Andheri focus more on practical and project. Sincere thanks to my instructor for fulfilling my requirement.